Clean Oceans International Project

I am very pleased to announce Patricia Riley Metalsmith is collaborating with the Clean Oceans International organization to work towards cleaning our Oceans and restoring the necessary balance to keep our Earth sustainable. Clean Oceans International has taken a very different approach to the plastic pollution problem.  Whales and Sea Turtles, along with other ocean … More Clean Oceans International Project

Shifting Seasons

As we slip from Summer into Fall, our Energies, Attention and Focus shift as well.  The Change is unmistakable, Mental, Physical and Activities. School begins mid-August for most children instead of after Labor Day, with the hustle and bustle of School Supplies, Clothes, Bus or Travel Routes, Car Pools, After School Activities, to name only … More Shifting Seasons

An Easy First Step

Changing an unconscious, automatic and ingrained habit is difficult.  It takes a deliberate action to change. The First Step is the mental determination to do it, then action. I began my actual elimination of Plastic Straws about 6 weeks ago with a personal experiment using a Sterling Silver Straw in my insulated metal cup.  I … More An Easy First Step