Email Ads Matter

Would you like to know why your Email volume is building? Because Small Business Owners have no choice in order to survive. Email is becoming MORE relevant and is the only direct link to our customers. Over the past few years,  Social Media Sites lured Retailers to build an audience by investing hundreds and thousands … More Email Ads Matter

A Mother’s Song

My earliest “Song” Memory was my Mother, Mary Jane Reynolds Murphy, singing “You are My Sunshine” to me.  This Song was deeply embedded in our Family and was sung on Road Trips with my sisters and Father.  It is a song of Love, Comfort and Family.  And, I sang it to my children (as best … More A Mother’s Song

Halloween (Beginning of The Holidays)

Ahhhhh…….Halloween…….a day eagerly anticipated by children……and more so, by Retailers, as it truly marks The Beginning of The Holidays.  There is a Magic Wand that sweeps across consciousness, like a Biological Clock, that kicks one’s awareness of the upcoming Festivities and all that goes into “Holiday Preparations”. The Catalogs have been arriving since mid-September.  Ads … More Halloween (Beginning of The Holidays)

A New Frontier

For years I have been concentrating on doing One of a Kind work and not expanding my own skillset and design horizons.  This is the Life Long Struggle that every Artist deals with in order to live “successfully”.  I have produced thousands of charms for Stamping Jewelers, helped “Designers” put together their Brands, and a … More A New Frontier