Art Jewelry


Patricia Riley Metalsmith is a well established Artisan Designer Metalsmith working in a Private Studio in Fort Worth, Texas.  PRM specializes in Custom Design and Creations using only the highest quality Precious Metals and Genuine Gemstones.  A Slide Show of previous projects and Custom pieces below shows the variety of styles and subject matters that PRM has created over the years. PRM is best known for our ONE OF A KIND STATEMENT COLLECTIONS designed with the Customer in mind, we take the time to work with you every step of the way to create the piece you have envisioned in your mind.

  • Western Ring w/Amethyst
  • Gold Family Tree Pendant

While the entire World is adjusting and adapting to The New Normal, we are very fortunate to be a completely self-contained Private Studio, doing all work In House.  We do, however, depend upon outside companies for our Materials and Supplies – especially our Stones and Metals.  Please be aware that shipping dates will be longer, and Custom Orders may take longer, so please plan accordingly.

Please allow 6 to 12 weeks for CUSTOM ORDERS

The PRM Studio creates a full range of Precious Metal pieces:  from One-Of-A-Kind to Limited Editions to being the provider of over 2,500 Sterling Silver Ponies and Triangle Staff Pins for over 18 years to the Reata Restaurants.


From the earliest involvement in the design and creation of Jewelry, Patricia has devoted her time and energy into works of art using Precious Metals and Natural Gemstones and takes great Pride in delivering quality Handcrafted work.

Over the years, new technologies have presented hard choices to Artisans about what exactly it means to be an “Artist” and what was important as an “Artist”. From a Purist View,  it is our opinion that the Artist has to stay close to the creation process in order for a piece to be classified as “Handmade”.  There are many new technical “advances” that remove critical parts of the process away from the Artist’s Hands so that it becomes Machine-made rather than Hand-Made. We have actively chosen to remain an Artisan Studio.

Our Studio is known for taking on challenges and repairing jewelry that no other jeweler would consider attempting.

Contact us for a Private Consultation to see what we can do for you.