PRM has been making Silver/Gold Charms for over 14 years.  Originally a supplier to Jewelers who were not themselves Metalsmiths, we began offering our own Charms to our Customers.  The PRM Studio is one of the few Hand-stamped Charm Necklace Designer Makers that offer a Luxury Sterling Silver /14k Rim that we create in our own Studio.  Each charm is fabricated individually to your specifications. This is a labor intensive process with each Rim being hand made prior to being soldered to the Sterling Silver base.  To prevent shadow stamping, we only use a 16 gauge Sterling Silver base which enables pieces to be stamped front and back.

With over 400 size, shape and metals combinations, each Bracelet or Necklace will be a unique statement that you create.  PRM has a few standard formula Necklaces that may be purchased, with your information hand stamped on the Charms.  Please note you will be purchasing the number and shapes of the Charms.  Your own personalized hand stamped information will be stamped as per your direction.

Please use the Contact Form to discuss your ideas and receive a Free Custom Quote. For items over $ 2,500.00, the payment may be split into payments.

To provide an example of the total cost of a Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Rim Charm Necklace would cost, the most popular charm combination necklace is listed below. The cost includes the design process, text fonts selections, text placements and the actual hand stamping for each charm.


Five Charm Gold Rimmed Sterling Silver Charm Necklace

Every Charm has to be made individually as the Gold Rim is soldered to the Sterling Silver base, and the different embellishments are added prior to the stamped information. Each individual charm is attached to the 14k Gold Cable Chain to they do not all clump at the bottom around the main charm. Price may need to be adjusted due to fluctuations in the Metals Spot Market.