We have published this information prior to today, but feel it is important to remind people that Silver is not just Beautiful, but played an important role in Human History.  Accordingly, we have complied the following facts from several authoritative sources to help you understand the important of Silver in our Jewelry and our Lives.

Everyone knows silver has been used as Body Adornments, Decorations and Money since Humans discovered Silver.  However, it has many unique physical properties that make it even more appealing in everyday use.  To list but a few of the uses:

  • Silver takes a higher polish than any other metal.
  • Silver is the whitest metal of all metals.
  • Silver has a pure, sweet acoustic resonance, making superior Silver Bells and other musical instruments.
  • Silver kills bacteria by breaking down their cell walls.
  • Silver was used by the Vikings to keep food safe on voyages.
  • Silver Rattles are safe for teething Babies.
  • Silver flatware does not need to be sterilized, only wiped clean.
  • Silver is inert in the human body.
  • Silver Chalices are used in Communion Services to prevent to transfer of bacteria from one person to the next.
  • Silver is the most thermally conducive metal of all metals.
  • Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals, but does not spark.
  • Silver does not rust or decompose.
  • Silver reflects 95% of light that strikes it, making it the most lustrous of all metals.
  • Silver is used in filters to purify water to prevent buildup of bacteria and algae.
  • Silver is used in Hot Tubs and Washing Machines to kill bacteria.
  • Silver is used in the treatment of arthritis.
  • Silver is used in the treatment of burns.
  • Silver is the second most malleable metal (gold is first), making it elastic and adjustable, holding adjustments in shape where plastic will not.
  • Silver has a soft and sensuous feel to the metal when polished.

As you can see, Silver is not only Beautiful, it is SAFE.  For this reason, PRM uses ONLY the traditional Sterling Silver formula of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper.

To read more about the amazing properties and uses of Silver, please visit these links:

Uses of Silver


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