Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

The Truth about Lab Created “Diamonds” as Investments

I have a customer who wants a Lab Created “Diamond” because it “costs less than a Natural Diamond”.  (This was not always true, as many Lab Created “Diamonds” were as much or more than a Natural Diamond.)  I began gathering prices, and found the price difference was now about 25% less than a Natural Diamond.

My position has always been that you might as well burn the money spent for a  Lab Created “Diamond”,  but I wanted an outside opinion to bolster my claims.

Lab Created “Diamonds” are NOT DIAMONDS

In my research, I found this amazing article that anyone who has ever even entertained the idea of a Lab Created Alternative NEEDS to read!!  Please take the time to read if you are on the brink.

With their permission, I am adding the link to their well stated article:

Lab Grown Diamonds as Investments



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