Welcoming 2023 with an Open Mind to forge ahead to take it “one step further” in Life and Art. The past two years have brought new issues and new solutions. We have to evolve as the Status Quo has gone by the wayside. We need to get past the Holding Pattern that has gripped us for the past two years and take bold steps towards positive change.

If you recognize that you have been holding your breath, waiting for things to return to “Normal”, it is time to recognize that things have changed and are not going back. Many companies have shamefully shifted from a Customer Service oriented philosophy to a MeFirst mentality. It is up to you to personally identify the companies with whom you wish to support. There are some undeniable supply issues facing companies and artisans, which has a trickle down effect to their own production. It is a complicated mess that requires patience and understanding. If you have been caught in one of the unfortunate situations, please allow some Grace so the issues may be resolved. It is a learning process to navigate the current environment.

With all the above in mind, it is important to allow about three times the length of time for Custom Work to be performed or gather needed supplies. Please plan accordingly, especially when it comes to considering personalized gifts and the added obstacles the shipping industry is experiencing as well. Have ideas you want to see be made? Please contact us: patricia@patriciarileymetalsmith

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