Just Like Magic!!


Old Jewelry…Broken Jewelry…Lost Pieces…Jewelry of Unknown Origins…Missing Stones.

Do you have a collection of unwearable jewelry?  Most of us do.  Silver and Gold just sitting in a drawer, forgotten.  Time to Take Action!!!  I have found that many people who love and wear jewelry usually have some ideas in mind for a piece or design they would LOVE to have made.

Take your collection to a traditional Jewelry Store?  They will be happy to take that Gold off your hands, but for pennies on the dollar.  Send it to a Gold Buying company?  Just jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Why not TRANSFORM the Gold or Silver you have into THAT piece of jewelry you have always wanted but did not know HOW???

Silver and Gold are remarkable metals in oh so many ways!!  Nasty looking chains, beat up rings, lost earrings and all the other pieces, can be melted and transformed into new, amazing works.  Here are but a few of the Transformations we have performed:


What Magic can we do for YOU?!?!?!

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