Pricing & Ordering

For listings with the Option to Purchase through this website,  we reserve the right to make adjustments to prices should there be a dramatic increase between the time ordered and the time we update our pricing due to any wild swings in the current volatile Precious Metals Market.

For a Custom Design, we can provide a Ball Park Estimate based on the best available information as to Time and Materials.  A Firm Project Total will be given once we have had a chance to personally examine old jewelry to be used, if any,  inventory it and evaluate its condidition and useability.  We do not provide drawings, mock ups or waxes prior to the commissioning of a project, as the Design Process is included in the total project.

Should you desire a Wax Model or Drawing, we can bill Design Time separately.

To order Stock Items, please visit our Etsy Store:


For Custom Projects, please contact us through the CONTACT US on this site.


Thank you.


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