Custom Orders, Pricing & Ordering

Online Listings: Purchases through this website:  we reserve the right to make adjustments to prices should there be a dramatic increase between the time ordered and the time we update our pricing due to any wild swings in the current volatile Precious Metals Market.

One of a Kind Custom Designs:

We begin with a Ball Park Estimate based on the best available information as to Time and Materials for the design you wish to commission us to create for you. We do not provide drawings, mock ups or waxes prior to the commissioning of a project, as the Design Process is included in the total project price.  Should you desire a Wax Model or Drawing prior to commissioning our services, we can bill Design Time separately.

If you provide drawings, we will work with that drawing as a basis for your creation.  Please do not send us an image of someone else’s design to copy.  We will not violate the Federal Copyright Laws.

Project Total will be given once we have had a chance to personally examine old jewelry to be used, if any,  inventory it and evaluate its condition and usability or research the materials needed to create the project from scratch.

A 50% Non Refundable Deposit is required to begin a Custom Project.  Additional payments may be needed during the process for materials or design changes. Small adjustments or refinements are not billed but are part of the Design Process. All significant Design Changes to your Custom Project will be billed by the hour.  Material changes will be billed according to Metals or Gemstones used.

Approval is needed to proceed from one Phase to another to ensure we are operating in tandem for your Custom Project.  If there are any issues at any Phase, they need to be addressed prior to moving forward to the next Phase.  The object of this diligence is to avoid creating a piece of jewelry that is not what you envision.

Please allot enough time from the beginning of your project to end date of your Finished Project to allow for unexpected delays.  The Completed Custom Order will be delivered after any remaining balance has been paid.

Completed Custom Orders are Non-Refundable. 

Any change made after the completion of a Phase Approved project will be billed according to time and materials.

The Custom process is pretty straight forward and is best described in Phases to help you understand where we are in the creation process along with the time we invest in creating it for you.  The Phases are as follows:

PHASE I:            Beginning of entire process; introductions, design exploration, design finalization, materials, costs, estimated timelines.

PHASE II:           Construction of sheet and wire pieces, Wax forming of central piece and settings, sizing, scale, wax/design approval.

PHASE III:         Fine finishing of wax, invest, cast in Silver.   Initial Sanding, Polish, lay stones in for Final Approval.

 PHASE IV:         Make Mold of Silver casting(s), if  Custom piece is to be Gold or is the Master for a production line.

 PHASE V:          Inject waxes in mold, wax preparation, invest waxes, Burnout in Kiln begun (12 hour burnout), prepare metal for casting in final metal.  Cast, clean, pickle, cut casting into individual pieces, machine polish.

 PHASE VI:         Solder pieces together, fit, sand and, polish. Set stones.

 PHASE VII:        Final Finishing Polish, Steam Clean, Plate, if appropriate.  Photograph Final Pieces.

PLEASE NOTE:  Jewelry making is a very labor and mentally intensive process that requires uninterrupted time in the Studio.  We do not have 24/7/365 Customer Service and will respond to emails, texts or calls as quickly as possible.  Thank you for understanding we cannot respond within 45 seconds of your text and we are NOT ignoring you.

Thank you.


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