Many years ago, we attended a Rod Stewart concert.  A couple of seats down was a young man who could have been Rod Stewart’s Twin…….but his manner was shy and receding, not at all in line with his visual appearance.  It was disappointing and felt badly for him.  He acted like he was embarrassed to look as he did, which was clearly intentional.

It is the same when one wears Statement Jewelry.

WEAR IT or Take it OFF.

As an Artisan Metalsmith Studio and not a mass manufacturing factory*, our Studio prides itself for our STATEMENT COLLECTIONS.  This is jewelry around which your wardrobe is chosen to accessorize the jewelry being worn.

A Statement piece may be large or small, but very distinctive in design.  Statement pieces are any form of jewelry that stands out while being worn. The Statement can be many different factors (subject matter that grabs attention, materials that are striking, the size, for examples) but the primary focus is the manner in which the piece is worn and the presentation of the person wearing it.

Whenever this Star and Moon Neckpiece is worn, expect to be stopped by people from all Walks of Life to say something.  It never fails.

Star & Moon Neckpiece

If wearing a piece of Statement Jewelry is painful for the attention, please do not wear it.

*Defined as producing thousands of the same design mechanically.  This does not include Custom Limited Edition pieces where each one is handmade.

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