Important Jewelry

Oh SURE, The Hope Diamond, Queen Isabella’s Jewels, Faberge, Cartier all spring immediately into mind…………but what about Important Jewelry that is closer to Home? The Jewelry of which I speak is Jewelry with a personal connection to you and your family.  Jewelry that has a Family Story to tell and be passed down to other … More Important Jewelry

A Taste of Fall

The Height of Summer meant Watermelon, lounging at the WU Pool, homemade Ice Cream, BBQ and the rhythmic sound of Cicadas at Dusk……..then, Quick as a Wink, we are plopped into August. August is a transition month…….getting used to the idea that Fall and The Holidays are just a hop, skip and a jump away.  … More A Taste of Fall


The Symbols of Faith are as varied as the Beliefs each one represents.  They are worn as Statements, as Comforts for the wearer and as Proclamations for others.  We, as Artisan Metalsmiths, can and do create these Symbols in Precious Metals for our Clients. With a strong Scotch/Irish Heritage, I am including on this page … More FOCUS ON FAITH