A Taste of Fall

The Height of Summer meant Watermelon, lounging at the WU Pool, homemade Ice Cream, BBQ and the rhythmic sound of Cicadas at Dusk……..then, Quick as a Wink, we are plopped into August.

August is a transition month…….getting used to the idea that Fall and The Holidays are just a hop, skip and a jump away.  I love observing Nature’s Hints of the upcoming changes.  The Cicadas begin winding down.  There are tiny Cold Fronts.  The smell of the air changes, especially early in the morning.  You begin to notice the shortening of days.

People start planning decorations and some of the larger outdoor decorations are being prepped for installation.  The School Year begins in Mid-August for most levels now, with advertising targeting Pre-School to College.  Back to School clothes and accessories are advertised non-stop.

These changes shift the focus of our Lives to the end of the year and especially the upcoming Holiday Season, knowing that some unique projects take much longer and more thoughtful planning than others.  We are here to help plan out those Important Jewelry Projects and explore different options.  Please use the Contact Form below to open a conversation regarding What If Jewelry Projects or to repair jewelry and get it into Holiday condition…………


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