Important Jewelry

Oh SURE, The Hope Diamond, Queen Isabella’s Jewels, Faberge, Cartier all spring immediately into mind…………but what about Important Jewelry that is closer to Home?

The Jewelry of which I speak is Jewelry with a personal connection to you and your family.  Jewelry that has a Family Story to tell and be passed down to other Family Members.  In the Victorian Era, Hair Jewelry was an important part of the Family Jewels.  Hair from a Family Member that had Passed or a lock of Baby Hair from a first haircut.  The strands of hair were generally braided so it was easier to encase in the jewelry piece.

Today we have other Family Pieces.  Many times it is a Family Wedding Ring or Family Diamond passed from one generation to the next.  This is Heirloom Jewelry.  THIS is the Important Family Jewelry:  Jewelry we create to tell Our Story.

Recently I made a set of three Pendants using three Lapel Pin Awards from General Motors to honor Ten Year marks to an employee.  Each Lapel Pin is made of 10k Gold with each pin having different color stones.  My Customer has three Daughters, each wanting a Necklace designed and created around the Lapel Pins.  We decided upon a 14k Yellow Gold Rimmed Heart with a frosted background.  Each Pin had the back flattened so they could be soldered into the Heart Frame, with enough room for a Bezel set Birthstone in the upper Right Hand corner for each Daughter.  A beautiful Gold Chain finished the Necklace.  Below are images of the transformed Lapel Pins sitting in a drawer to Heirloom Jewelry to be treasured and worn for generations to come.


Look around your jewelry box or box with Family Mementos – Award Pins, Military Pins, Charms from past Generations.  I have a Vintage Charm from the Royal Order of Jesters from 1948 and some Golf and Bowling Awards that are in the works to be treasured.

What types of mementos do you have from the past are tucked away in an old cigar box?

Contact me to discuss the possibilities………..

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