A Heightened Level of Respect

This past week Family came together to Witness and Celebrate two incredible Events.  Our Grandson (Nephew, Son) Graduated into Army Infantryman and got Married, all in the same day, expanding our Family to include his Amazing Wife and her Wonderful Family.   In Laws on both sides are Loving and Caring and rejoiced in this merge with Open Arms.  We could not be happier on this momentous day!!  Her parents are kind, gentle and funny and blend seamlessly into the Family Fabric………Welcome!!

On a more serious note, The Army Graduation Ceremony opened a Heightened Level Of Respect for me.

Both of my Parents served in World War II, but did not talk much about their Service.  I have 8mm film of my Dad in India, where they built Bridges.  My Mom was a WAC and did Radio Broadcasts for the Houston audience (and more???).  So, I already had a respect for all who fought to keep America and the World a Free World.

However, listening to the training these Soldiers went through to be able to Graduate into Infantrymen was Eye Opening.  For me, I was In Awe.

We now have two Grandsons in the Service.  One is in Pilot School and the other is an Infantryman.

Our Hearts are bursting with Pride for these two young men!!!

We Salute You, Seamus and Ian!!!


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