Shifting Seasons

As we slip from Summer into Fall, our Energies, Attention and Focus shift as well.  The Change is unmistakable, Mental, Physical and Activities.

School begins mid-August for most children instead of after Labor Day, with the hustle and bustle of School Supplies, Clothes, Bus or Travel Routes, Car Pools, After School Activities, to name only a few that immediately come to mind.

And, there is that Internal Change as well.  We go into the Family Season.  It is also the Engagement Season when Couples take stock of where they are headed.  The majority of Engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, with much thought and planning beginning now.

The Proposal is a well thought out, and in some cases, a complicated Orchestrated Event.  This includes The Ring.

In Today’s World, it is rare indeed that an Engagement Ring or Wedding Set is purchased straight out of a book or case.  Couples want a Set that is uniquely THEIRS.  This is where Patricia Riley Metalsmith comes into the picture.

We are Tweakers.  We can take that design, and twist the focal stone setting or add those unique colored gemstones or any of the million ways a ring can be Customized.  On our Engagement and Wedding Page, there is a Contact and Information Form with important Fields of Information that will help you tell us EXACTLY what you want, along with the desired Budget Range and Finish Date.  Here is the link to that page:

Engagement and Wedding

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