An Easy First Step

Changing an unconscious, automatic and ingrained habit is difficult.  It takes a deliberate action to change. The First Step is the mental determination to do it, then action.

I began my actual elimination of Plastic Straws about 6 weeks ago with a personal experiment using a Sterling Silver Straw in my insulated metal cup.  I had been thinking about it for the previous six weeks.  I was already a Sterling Silver Lover due to my work and all the amazing facts about Sterling Silver and its History, which I will share in my next Blog Post.

I ordered several different weights and sizes of tubing and cut them into lengths ranging from 8″ to 10″.  The two lengths that won are 8″ and 9″.  See photo below.


Both are straight, the 9″ with a larger Diameter than the 8″.  I, personally, prefer the larger Diameter Tube (6mm OD) because it is closer to the size it is replacing.  Here is what I know and what I have learned:

The Drinks are COLDER because Silver (and Gold) are the two most thermally conductive materials on Earth.

The TASTE is Amazing.  Silver is a Natural Micro-biocide, killing Germs, Virus and Bacteria on contact.  Silver is used as an Emergency Water Purifier and has been used in community water purification systems for years.

The FEEL on your lips is delightful.

Every SIP reinforces the knowledge that YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM.  This improves my Mental Attitude and Overall Well Being.

Sterling Silver Straws/Drinking Tubes are AFFORDABLE and not an Ecological Threat.

Sterling Silver is not a Pollutant to our Oceans or to Life.

30% of the Sales Price goes to an Organization that is cleaning our Oceans and recycling the Plastic. (More on this when the time is right.)


8″ Sterling Silver Drinking Straw

Sterling Silver seamless Tubing (no solder) in an 8″ length that has been hardened. Our tube has a medium width wall, making it durable to last a Lifetime. Sterling Silver is a Natural Micro-biocide, killing bacteria, viruses and germs on contact. It can be cleaned simply by running warm water through the tube. For heavy shakes or beverages containing milk products, use warmer water. Our Sterling Silver Drinking Straws are shipped in an Anti-Tarnish Pouch and should be kept in the Pouch when stored for long periods of time. Using your Straw daily will keep it bright and shiny. Please allow two weeks from date of Purchase for your order to be shipped.


9″ Sterling Silver Drinking Tube

Sterling Silver seamless Tubing (no solder) in an 9″ length that has been hardened. The tube has a medium width wall, making it durable. This Straw will last a Lifetime.


I will pay First Class Shipping on any purchases made from this Post.

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