Part of the Problem or the Solution?

There is no denying it: 

Our Oceans are Sick.  Marine life is dying. The Eco-System is being Poisoned.

At least once a week the news has a story about a Sea Turtle, a Whale or a Sea Gull that is being choked, starved or suffocated by PLASTIC IN THE OCEAN.

The time has PASSED where we can say “Oh Dear, What a Shame!!  This is just awful.”  We can no longer shrug our shoulders and pretend that WE are not part of the Problem.

The BIG QUESTION is: What are We/You/I going to DO to reverse the damage???

The FIRST thing is each person has to make a conscious effort to change easy habits.  Small things like reusable carry bags for groceries.  Paper bags instead of plastic.  Biodegradable trash bags.  Reusable cups.  No plastic straws. No to bottled water. Recycle every piece of plastic instead of throwing it in the trash where it will not decompose.  Become aware of exactly how much plastic you use in a day, in a week, in a month.  Accept the responsibility that unless you are reducing your plastic use, you are part of the Problem.

I will be posting ideas about how everyone CAN make a difference.  But for today, I want everyone to take personal inventory of the amount of plastic you use each day.

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