PRM is offering a Limited 50% Off GIFT CERTIFICATES to Subscribers, Readers of this Blog and other targeted groups. The PRM Gift Certificates will be Valid until January 31, 2024. This gives you over 365 Days to redeem them towards New Purchases or Custom Costs on New Projects. They are not good towards current WIP Projects.

For Example, if you Purchase a $300 Gift Certificate, it will only cost you $150.00. You may then contact us as to how you wish to use your Gift Certificate – towards a Purchase or towards a new Custom Project. You will receive an Invoice for the adjusted amount due. For a $500 purchase, you would receive an Invoice for the Adjusted Balance due of $200.00!!!

Gift Certificates are Valid for over one year to give you time to decide how it is to be used. PRM will maintain contact with the Purchaser to ensure they do not forget about it and it may be used prior to the Expiration Date. To purchase your Gift Certificate, please use this link:

Please remember, this page is NOT accessible through the pages on the website, but ONLY from the link above, with Date Restrictions in place for Cut Off Date for Valentine’s Orders or Mother’s Day Orders, as publicly posted.


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