Summer: Time for Planning

I am a Summer Person.  I was born on a Father’s Day (Sunday) with a Full Moon.  I cannot stand being cold.  I do not like bulky, cumbersome clothes.  I love the Beach, Sand, Surf, a Summer Breeze, Poolside Leisure.

A time to breathe Deep and Think.

It is also a time for Planning.  Fall and the Holiday Season is just around the corner and now is the time to get a grip and not let it “just happen”.

I, of all people, know from Life, not all Plans go as expected.  Things just happen.  Unusual, Bizarre Things like a car falling out of the sky and landing on the freeway right in front of you type things……Yes, this REALLY happened to us on a trip home from California several years ago.  There is no way to anticipate this event or the impact it will have on your Life.

This is not the type of Planning to which I refer.  I am talking about a Story Board type of planning, where there is a general blocking of time, dates, energy, and events.  You know Birthdays and Holidays come on certain dates.  You generally know where you will be and with whom.  You have a general idea of what you would like to happen. Planning is a way of looking ahead and having an input into how and when thing will happen and your part of them.  For me, I prefer to have “Landmark Events” and build around those Events and Dates, then Pray for the Best.

The month of June is also the time I begin thinking, planning and deciding upon Holiday Gifts.  A Custom piece of jewelry can take several months to source the materials, ordering and shipping the materials and then the creation of each piece.

Please use the Contact Form below to visit with me regarding any Custom Jewelry you wish to have created for the Holidays.








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