Beginning this week, I am putting in place a FEATURED SPECIALS page that will only be accessed through a link, available to my Followers.  The Followers can come from Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and the PRM Blog (here).  There will be one piece featured every two week, available for two weeks, at a 30% discounted price from the regular listing on this website.  There will be no connection between the two listings, so to be able to enjoy the 30% Discount, you must use the link I send out to my Followers.

Sadly, right this minute, the Facebook link is unavailable, due to some changes being made.  However, I am providing the links to my other accouts so you can Follow me from there.

Instagram:    https://www.instagram.com/prmetalsmith/

Twitter:         https://twitter.com/PRMetalsmith/

Pinterest:     https://www.pinterest.com/prmetalsmith/

As you can easily see, I have few Followers on some of these accounts. I am now actively and aggressivly seeking Followers and appreciate your accepting my invitation to enjoy pricing not ever available any where else.

I will post the first FEATURED SPECIAL on Thursday.





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