Expanding Horizons Inside and Out

In addition to seeking new Followers, I am looking inward to develop new outlets, new customers and developing this website in depth.  Over the years, I have created a vast Library of Works that have not been seen.  It is my Mission to expand the visual Library of what my Heart and Hands have created.  Granted, some photos will be OLD, and there is just nothing I can do about those except try to enhance them as much as possible.  There will be many that go into the Custom Artisan Library, with the hope of stimulating the creative juices of people that have always wanted a Custom piece, but did not know where to begin.

The old saying that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” will be put to good use here.  In addition to creating for others, I will be reaching deep within to find my own voice again.

Trust this to be True:  I will remain Faithful to the Mantra of my original teacher, George Girtner, who branded in my brain to Never, Ever invest my time in anything other than Precious Metals and Genuine, Earth-created Jewels and Gemstones.

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