Pretty Unreal (Jewelry)

Ever since Day One, it has been drilled into my head to not invest my time in making jewelry with no basic intrinsic value. I have stayed true to this for all of my creations.  Copper has been the least valuable metal I have used. This is still true to this day and I teach this to my Students as well.

Running parallel to Fine Jewelry, is a HUGE Industry of Costume (Unreal) Jewelry, which can be quite Pretty and fun.  Over the years, I have acquired many of these pieces which have lived in a box on a shelf.  They have come to me mainly through Auctions and Trades.  Some have come to me because people thought the jewelry was real Silver or Gold.  Upon finding it was not, I became the new owner.

Filligree Angel

I have sorted through all of the jewelry and am offering only the best for sale on this page only:

Pretty Unreal Jewelry

I have examined each piece for function and condition and am offering them at very low prices.  There is ONLY ONE of each piece and will be removed from the page as soon as it is sold.  I am also listing them on Etsy, for a slightly higher price to adjust for the Etsy Fees incurred with the sale.  Each piece will be boxed and shipped USPS First Class Mail as part of the price.  At the bottom of the page is the option to upgrade to USPS Priority Shipping.

I hope you enjoy this new collection in the Spirit in which it is offered:  Pretty and Fun (and Inexpensive).

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