Memories: Making, Keeping, Reminding

This past weekend we had the pleasure of celebrating my Mother In Law’s 95th Birthday.  The Celebration was, in essence, a Family Reunion as is possible in this Day and Age.  Among the group, there was one binding experience and memory that was held close by the group: a Family Home where the children grew up and their children visited for many years.  A Happy Place where Family Bonds were ingrained with happy memories.

The Dad had named the home 5 Fences because the property did have 5 different Fences.  He also built Birdhouses and was able to get the address to be known as 5 Fences, with a Birdhouse as the address marker.  Sadly, there came a day after the Parents were gone that the house had to be sold. A Scrapbook was created with a drawing on the front of the Scrapbook of the address marker.

My caring and considerate Husband asked me if I could make a Charm from the drawing that could be given at the Celebration.  A Necklace for his Mom, a Necklace for her Sister and Charms for all the Cousins.

Why, YES, that can be done.

5 Fences

The Necklace was put inside a Potholder (she makes Potholders) from Cracker Barrell, inside a bag.  When presented, there was a small speech while she was opening her Gifts……when she got to the Necklace, there was a brief silence of recognition.  Then my husband gave her the box for her Sister.  And THEN he gave all the Cousins their Charms.

I was told by another “Outlaw” that he had never witnessed such a sweeping group reaction to being included in and presented with the same Charm – a tangible Memory that will always be with them.

It was pretty amazing.

Jean Nick Gail2

To create your own Family Reunion Memory Medallions, please visit this page:

Memory Medallions


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