Email Ads Matter

Would you like to know why your Email volume is building?

Because Small Business Owners have no choice in order to survive.

Email is becoming MORE relevant and is the only direct link to our customers. Over the past few years,  Social Media Sites lured Retailers to build an audience by investing hundreds and thousands of dollars and much more in time, with the implication of being able to communicate directly with our Followers.  Then, when we had so much invested in our Opt-In Followers, the carpet was pulled out from under us.  Our audience was limited.  We were required to Boost our Posts, even to our own Followers!!!  This has had a devastating effect and added unplanned expenses to introduce our Followers to New Products, Specials and Sales.  I would imagine a lot of the other Small Business Owners are a lot like me and do not take well to being Bullied.  For Patricia Riley Metalsmith, I will be posting on my Facebook Page when I add a new Blog Topic, but not paying for any additional advertising.  I will become more consistent with my emails, but I will not harass you with 5 to 10 emails per day – Who has that kind of time?????  I will let you know about New Products and Great Specials.  I will nudge you with Reminders and try to inform you with little know facts about Jewelry and Metalsmithing.  I will try to keep an Open Door that you can walk through on your own.

Be sure to click the button to be notified of each new Blog!!!

Thank you.

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