Halloween (Beginning of The Holidays)

Ahhhhh…….Halloween…….a day eagerly anticipated by children……and more so, by Retailers, as it truly marks The Beginning of The Holidays.  There is a Magic Wand that sweeps across consciousness, like a Biological Clock, that kicks one’s awareness of the upcoming Festivities and all that goes into “Holiday Preparations”.

The Catalogs have been arriving since mid-September.  Ads now urging to redecorate with new furniture, rugs, paint, landscape, clothes, food and, of course, GIFTS.

For Artisans’ such as myself, it is difficult to be Heard, Recognized and mostly, to COMPETE with the Instant Gratification Frenzy/Expectation to order something and have it delivered the NEXT DAY.  I/We cannot do it unless the item is something we already have In Stock, which is next to impossible when it comes to Custom work.

From a Contemporary Artisan: Handmade and Personalized Gifts take time.  Please plan accordingly.  Contact us with your thoughts and ideas to see what can develop……..The Process is the most fun for us and the End Result is the most fun for you.

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