A New Frontier

For years I have been concentrating on doing One of a Kind work and not expanding my own skillset and design horizons.  This is the Life Long Struggle that every Artist deals with in order to live “successfully”.  I have produced thousands of charms for Stamping Jewelers, helped “Designers” put together their Brands, and a lot of Trade Work.

I need to feed My Soul.

So, here I stand, making a very Public Statement that I will put aside an hour a day to work on something that I want to create.  I am still mentally designing this website that will feed both sides of my life:  Real Life and Artisan Life.

I will need to have a section devoted to rediscovering that wildly creative side as well as  sections of Ready to Purchase pieces living next to a section for Personalized Pieces.

Please bear with me while this happens in front of your eyes.


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