Memory Medallions

This page will explain the process through which you create your Memory Medallions.

  1. Begin with a Logo or photo image that can be changed into a Black & White image.
  2. Decide the Size, considering the amount of detail.  Target size is 1″ to 1.5″.
  3. A Master/Artist’s Proof is created in Sterling Silver, 15% larger than size desired.
  4. Using the Master, a silicone Mold is made from which wax duplicates are created.
  5. The wax duplicates are cast in Sterling Silver.  Minimum of 10 is required.
  6. Jumpring Bales are added to top for Necklaces, Keyrings, etc.

After casting, the Medallions are polished to a high polish and a patina is added for depth.  The Mold is good for hundreds of wax duplicates. Below is a Slide Show that shows the casting process so you can see what is involved in lost wax casting.

And here are a couple of examples of Memory Medallions

5 Fenceswacosilver2


Please use the Contact Form below to begin your Memory Medallion creation: