Pretty Unreal Jewelry

The jewelry listed on this page is literally “Pretty Unreal Jewelry”.  It is Costume Jewelry that has come to us through various channels over the years.  It has never been offered because they are largely Base Metals that are Plated or have an electro-formed coating covering a Base Metal.  The jewelry cannot be sized or repaired other than superficially.

This being said, it is Pretty, it is Unreal and it is Jewelry – Fun Stuff to wear and enjoy when one does not want to wear their Pretty Real Jewelry.

So, Enjoy.  There is only ONE of each piece listed, so act quickly if you like it and want it.  As soon as it is SOLD, it will be removed from this page.

Each piece is Gift Boxed and shipped USPS First Class.  Should you desire Priority Mail, the upgrade shipping option is available at the bottom of this page.


Gold Tone Rose Brooch

This well constructed Gold Tone Rose Brooch has a sturdy pin attachment on the back and is approximately 1/5″ top to bottom. It is not flimsy and looks new. This Rose Pin will look lovely as an accessory on a winter coat or jacket.



Large Enamel Peacock Brooch

Eye-catching Brooch with the bright colors and movement in the design. This colorful Peacock is 3″ tall, with the pin catch at the Head rather than the Tail for ease of application. This is a Statement Piece and Conversation Starter sure to catch other’s eyes.



Filigree Angel with Pearl Head Brooch

Standing 2″ tall, this delicate Angel has a flat back so it will rest nicely on a sweater, jacket or coat. She is light weight so as to not stress the material to which she is pinned. Festive and Joyful in appearance, she will be an Angel on your Shoulder.



Sunflower Gold Tone Clip On Earrings

Intricately detailed Sunflowers with Leaves are the subject of these Gold Tone Clip On Earrings. They are barely 1″ tall and 1/2″ wide so they will fit snugly on the earlobe with little movement or adjustments. The color is a not the usual bright gold color, but rather an aged gold with character.



Vintage Crystal Clip On Earrings

Mid Century Crystal Clip On Earrings with all the spring they ever had. Two tones of Pink with a Blue anchor exclamation point. Height is over 1″ tall and 3/4″ wide, the clip is above the Blue Crystal so the Pink stones rest on the ear, with the Blue just below the lobe.


USPS Priority Mail

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