Cave Paintings of Man with their animal companions are the earliest recorded History to show a relationship of animals with Humans. It is believed these relationships evolved parallel to each other, beginning almost 40,000 years ago.  Pets of all kinds were paramount to the survival of Humans, just as it is today.   Our Pet Page recognizes and honors the places our loyal and important companions have in our Modern Lives.

Pet Heart Stampable Sterling Silver Charm Tag

Custom Pet Charm for Dog or Cat Fur Babies. May add Heart or Star Stamps, space permitting. Standing 1.5″ tall, including Bale, Charm is suitable for Key Chains, Pet Tags or as a Pendant for the owner. Please list details for each Tag Charm in the Contact Form below for Custom Quotes.


Sterling Silver Angel Pet Charm

Memorialize your Pet with a Sterling Silver Charm that has been customized with your Pet's name. Photo shows a Cat, but any Pet can have its own Memorial Charm. Standing 1" tall, including Bale, the charm is cut from Sterling Silver Sheet, then stamped with your Pet's name. Please use Contact Form below to add personal details.


Sterling Silver Pet Charm

Our Canine Pet Charm can be ordered in the Breed you specify for the profile image. These charms are larger to allow for necessary details. Please specify the Breed you wish for your Charm in the Contact or Order Form, along with the name to be stamped.


Sterling Silver Pet Cat Charm

Sterling Silver Cat Pet Charm personalized with your Cat's Name. Charm is 1" tall, including the Bale. Please specify the name you wish stamped in the Contact or Oder Form.


In This Together Sterling Silver Char

***********SALE ENDS 12-06-2020*********** Custom created in Sterling Silver, charm is cast in Sterling Silver and is 1″ x 1″ in size. Wear this to show your support of stopping COVID-19 and helping to stop Child Abuse. 20% of Sales donated to local agencies dedicated to preventing Child Abuse.


Wholesale Inquires Welcome.  Please fill out Contact Form Below to request information.