Invest In Yourself

The wearing of Adornments dates back to the earliest recorded history of Man. Initially, Shells, Teeth, Horns – items gleamed from the hunts for food and survival were worn for future success for the Hunts and for general Good Luck. As people and societies evolved, so did their Adornments. The use of Gold and Silver first appeared around 5,000 years ago with the Egyptians.

As Jewelry became more sophisticated, the reasons for wearing it evolved hand in hand. Gold, Silver and Precious Gems came to represent Love, Affection, Important Events and Wealth and Status. Gold and Silver were used for Trade thousands of years ago and commemorated the Leaders and Emperors.

Not only is Gold and Silver undeniably Beautiful, it is used Medically and in modern Technology AND is indestructible……neither will rust, corrode, deteriorate or evaporate. They may change form in a fire, but they will not be burned up. Old Gold and Silver can be remade into new designs rather than trashed.

When I began my Journey as a Metalsmith, my first Instructor lectured the class about using anything but Precious Metals……….”Do NOT invest your Time, Talent and Energy in worthless materials. Make sure every piece has Intrinsic Value as its foundation.” I have never forgotten this important message.

In my Life, having Gold and Silver Jewelry has been helpful, even Lifesaving, on more than one occasion.

I have known several WOMEN who used their Gold jewelry as Collateral to finance Real Estate and secure Loans that would not have been available otherwise.

I cannot understand why a grown, adult WOMAN would not Invest in Herself or Her Family by purchasing any Jewelry made with anything other than Gold or Silver.

With the current dip in the Spot Metals Market, now is a Good Time to Invest in Gold or Silver Jewelry.

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