For the past seven weeks, our Lives have been In Limbo or like living in the inside of a horror Virtual Reality program. No matter what your personal reality is, the fact is that we are all affected by external limitations imposed by a larger authority.  Shops have been shuttered against their Wills and Life has ground to a halt.  The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was cancelled as it began.  Events, Art Shows, Indian Market and countless smaller venues have all been cancelled as well.  Those Events represent the Livelihood of thousands of people……..all shattered. THIRTY MILLION (and counting) people have filed for Unemployment Benefits.

The USA has a population of (give or take) 345 Million people. We have been presented with the task of forging a New Reality to move forward while taking preventive steps to safeguard ourselves from a second wave of illness.  This is all in addition to the fact that we are not even out of the FIRST wave yet.

How are we to do this?  It is clear we cannot remain locked in our homes in limbo.  We must find a way to adjust and recalculate how Life will work.  While no one has consulted me, I have thought about this a great deal.

My first and immediate thought is “Gone are the Carefree Days” about hugging someone, shaking a new friend’s hand or even going to the Zoo or Disneyland without fear of invisible dangers.  I expand that thought to doing anything in a large group with countless unknown people.  Art Fairs, Concerts, any type of Festival or gathering is now viewed through suspicious eyes.  The brand new Dickies Arena sits idle.

It appears that our future will revolve around Personal Protection.  Social Distancing with physical contact only with the closest and most trusted people.  Barriers that block contact or exchange of touch or shared air.  Limited Personal Freedoms of movement, choices, travel and relationships, both Personal and Professional, along with a great deal of  utilization of  Virtual Reality technology based meetings.  It appears that the trend in business meetings and many gatherings will be the VISUAL PERSONA of everyone from the waist up.

However bleak the Future seems, we, as the Human Race, have persevered, adjusted, altered, and problem solved to continue moving forward.  I have no doubt that our ingenuity, resourcefulness, creativity and determination will prevail and we will find creative ways to succeed!!

Keep Calm and Carry On!!!






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