Wednesday’s Woman Warrior: Tia Frost

I am proud to showcase an amazing woman I met a couple of years ago through my jewelry services: Tia Frost.  Tia is the Founder of of a Non-Profit organization called No Limits Foundation Inc No Limits Foundation.

“No Limits Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization that embraces our special needs community by the creating activities and events that involves inclusion with diversity, creativity, and positivity in a world that needs to know Everyone Has Purpose!”


Tia is a mother of three and in her journey of motherhood, it was discovered her eldest son
was diagnosed with Autism at the age for three. The journey following his diagnosis was a
long road of discovering self-discipline, therapy for her son, treatments, and an
understanding of unconditional love, patience, and perseverance. Tia obtained an
Associate’s degree at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for Advertising Design, and her
Bachelor’s in Science of Business Management from the University of Phoenix. As Ms.
Florida Plus America Elite 2011, she used her platform for Autism to create Independence
on the Runway, “No Limits!” Where Adversity Meets Fashion. Showcasing special needs
youth and young adults on the runway without limits!
Her inspiration came from her oldest son John, who at the age of 10, expressed his interest
in modeling after watching his mother and sister rehearse at home. This was an epic
moment because John had been non-verbal until the age of 6. Expressing he wants and
needs was an amazing accomplishment from years of therapy. His expression to model
gave Tia her purpose to build on her platform.
Tia continues to inspire others in the special needs community by creating events that cater
to their desire to be in a state of inclusion into society. Her drive to leave a legacy for others
to follow will leave you waiting for the next event or activity inspired by her creativity for
the special needs community. It takes a village to raise a child and a community to make
dreams come true!
NoLimits Pendant
Using the No Limits Foundation’s logo, we created a series of Pendants and Bracelets to help raise awareness of the Foundation and its work.  The image below spotlights the Sterling Silver Pendant, which is available for sale by using their

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