My Name is Samantha

I totally agree that making jewelry is a form of MAGIC,  but I must admit that I am in awe of some of the requests I receive for Custom Jewelry.

It seems that many of the ideas come from video games, anime or cgi movies that are so realistic it is difficult to separate what is real and what is not.  While there are some solid concepts, many just cannot be done in the real world.  Just because one sees an idea in a cartoon does not mean it can be formulated here on Earth in tangible materials.

Getting back to Magic that CAN be done, please understand that this Magic often takes more time than allotted.  Sadly, it is not normally apparent at the beginning of the project and does not make its ugly appearance until well into the project.  Other times, it is an external issue that causes the ripples.  Hurricane Harvey, for example.  Even though hundreds of miles away, the humidity that hung in the air destroyed moisture sensitive materials I had and had to be replaced. These replacements, once discovered, took about two additional weeks, causing a Domino breakdown in my schedule.  Unavoidable.  Fortunately, none of my projects were so time sensitive that it was anything more than a push back of the estimated finish date.  One of my customers did not share that feeling and felt I had intentionally and personally targeted her.

Life Happens.  No one lives in a Vacuum insulated and unaffected by external events.  Most Adults understand this and make proper adjustments.  Some do not have this basic understanding of Cause and Effect and that there is no way to predict when, where or how these things might happen.  I sincerely hope these customers can locate the “jewelers” that 3D print everything and spit it out of a factory.

For the Others, I welcome you with Open Arms to entrench yourself in the Magic of taking ore and stones and creating the most simply Magical of Jewelry.

EVERYONE should own at least ONE piece of Magic Jewelry!!!

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