Clean Oceans International Project


I am very pleased to announce Patricia Riley Metalsmith is collaborating with the Clean Oceans International organization to work towards cleaning our Oceans and restoring the necessary balance to keep our Earth sustainable.

Clean Oceans International has taken a very different approach to the plastic pollution problem.  Whales and Sea Turtles, along with other ocean life, are eating plastic waste mistaken for food and they are dying.  Instead of recycling gathered ocean plastic, OCI is gathering the plastic and processing it into a usable fuel.  To learn more about their amazing journey and accomplishments, please visit their site:

“Clean Oceans International is developing practical solutions to plastic pollution through innovation, education, and direct action.”

Clean Oceans International Website

For our contribution, we are dedicating a percentage of the sales from our Sterling Silver Drinking Tubes and Sipping Draws to them.  Our page will be growing with the new variations of our available products for the widest possible impact.

The estimated daily use of Plastic Straws is open for debate, but as an every day observer, I find it to be a staggering number.  All you have to do is an internet search to find too many articles to site here.


Yes, it is an overwhelming issue.  Many companies are beginning to ban the use of plastic straws in their commercial establishments.  Will it solve the problem?  Maybe not TODAY, but EVERY plastic straw replaced with a reusable one is a step in the right direction.  Just think how many plastic straws you would NOT use in your Lifetime.

Start NOW with your purchase of a Sterling Silver Drinking Tube that will last a LIFETIME and will contribute funding to the Clean Oceans International organization.

Please use this link to learn about the benefits of a Sterling Silver Drinking Tube:  

Clean Oceans International Project

Should you wish to purchase more than 10 or want to have the Sterling Silver Drinking Tubes personalized, please use the Contact Form below:

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